Three retired photos with image of Heather Aked on top

Caring for an aging parent can be enormously stressful.

Stressful – both for you and your parent.

Did you know, most people caring for aging parents are women who are also managing careers and raising a family?  Your own children may be just entering post-secondary education or the workforce.  It can be a time of enormous change and uncertainty for everyone.

Hi, my name is Heather, and I specialize in helping people through this challenging life-changing time and ensuring that loved ones have all the pieces in place to be well cared for.

I know how you feel and can compassionately guide you through the many steps and processes to help you care for your loved one and ensure their financial well-being.

I go above and beyond; it is my calling and my passion.  You see, I experienced the same trials with my Mom. I’m thankful that I have the expertise to ensure my Mom is looked after and I would be honoured to share my experience and skills to help you.